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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: assembly bill 214 was born out of a strategy after a young man shot and stabbed to death six people and injured several others last may. the parents of t killers said they tried to get help from for their son but felt powerless. nancy skinner who coauthored the legislation says now relatives have a tool that could prevent violence from happening. >> what 1014 does is provides an effective and needed tool that family members and law enforcement can use when they see that someone is in a crisis. when they see that someone is threatening to commit acts of violence. >> reporter: under the law governor jerry brown signed today a relative who sees signs of trouble in a family member can get a dge to issue a restraining order to get that person's gun taken away temporarily and prevent any new gun purchases. a judge must determine if there's a credible risk. >> we're not just talking about
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shootings like in the vista. we're talking about suicide on a daily basis. >> reporter: the national rifle association opposed the measure saying it lacks protections for gun owners. saying in lack of a mechanism for individuals to present their own defense before being deprived of their constitutional rights failed to meet american standards for due process of law. under the law anyone who makes a frivolous claim could face a $500,000 fine. >> just by telling authorities that you know this person shouldn't have their gun and it be taken away. that would be a violation of their rights i would say. if someone is unstable they should probably have their guns taken away. >> reporter: the new law goes into effect january 1st. no word yet if it should be challenged in court. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. we have some breaking news to tell you about. we learned just in the past 30 minutes the mayor of a southern california city has been shot
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to death. the l.a. county sheriff's office says daniel crespo the mayor of bell gardens died at the hospital a short time ago. he was 45 years old. authorities say he was in an altercation with his wife when the shooting occurred. the couples 19-year-old son intervened in the altercationful while the father and son was fighting cespo's wife opened fire. she has been detained. there is no word of any other injuries. charges filed in a 25-year- old cold case killing were dismissed today this after the prosecutor in the case had an affair with another person who was working on the case. ktvu's anne rubin here now to tell us there will be no justice in the killing of kathie zimmer at least for now. >> reporter: now the new prosecutor in this case will go to court to see if this case
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can be salvaged. an apology to zimmer's family and friends. it took years to file charges and minutes to dismiss them. accused were her husband and his brother. this following two big disclosures. first the prosecutor did not file documents on time and second he was having an affair with the criminalist in the case cardenas. >> they need to know that they can get a conviction. if they can't do it because of the damage they created this case is done. this cold case is back on the ice. >> reporter: both he and
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cardenas could face charges. still the possibility that the charges could be refiled would loom for both men. the prosecution says they'll take their time reviewing the evidence. >> i hope my client can move forward but there will always be those people out there that will wonder, did he do it and is he getting off on a technicality. and i will tell you no. he is an innocent person. >> robert zimmer was set to be released today. david zimmer was already out on bail. anne rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. there are new developments tonight in the fatal shooting of a young father in san jose. police said today that it was a stray bullet that hit and killed 24-year-old richard watkins on saturday night. they say that he was standing outside his home waiting for a relative to park and that's when the suspect con propertied the relative and shot at him. the relative wasn't shut but unfortunately one of the
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bullets hit watkins -- the suspect confronted the relative. police are still looking for the gunman. watkins leaves behind a pregnant wife and two young children. richmond police announced an arrest today in connection with a double homicide that claimed the lives of two young men. the shootings happened at bissell avenue and fourth street. clarence wallace and 23-year- old dayton daily were killed on september 20th. investigators now say robert williams and a suspected gang member aaron lee allison surrendered to police. police say they were involved somehow. investigators say they're still woking to identify the shooter or shooters. there's a relief tonight where a suspect who barricaded himself inside an apartment has surrendered to police. just about two hours ago, police responded to an apartment on south 19th street near east santa clara street where a man apparently had attacked two other people with a knife. the two victims were hurt but
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are expected to survive. police say the man then barricaded himself inside the apartment and refused to come out. officers evacuated a few near by homes and apartments. negotiators were brought in and the man finally decided to give himself up. bryan stow has filed a few lawsuit against the los angeles dodgers and others and it comes months after he received an $18 million judgment stemming from his attack at dodger stadium. in the new lawsuit stow alleges the dodgers, his former employer and their insurers failed to provide enough medical coverage for him and stopped covering his live in care and that led to a serious regression in his rehab. stow also accuses the dodger of trying to recoop millions of dollars for his care. janet napolitano wants to know if a uc city is admits too many out of state students.
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nopalitano is calling for a count of out of state students and instate students who's educations are partially funded by the state. the percentage of nonresidents accepted has gone from 12% in 2009 to 30% this fall. police in santa clara say people of indian decent are being targeted in a rash of armed street robberies. the robberies this month occurred near bing drive at homestead road, el camino real and monroe street. investigators say the thief selects victims who are wearing visible gold necklaces. police say people should be very careful wearing jewelry especially gold necklaces and make sure you're aware of your surroundings. alameda police say they are talking to more witnesses following seven arsons last weekend. police have identified one suspect as steven peterson but friends say he is innocent and
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has an alibi to prove it. claudine wong has more on what they had to say and what court documents reveal. >> it was an emotional afternoon for friends and family of 27-year-old steven peterson. dozens showed up for the arrangement today. they brought pictures and told stories of the musician they said wouldn't hurt anyone. and they wanted for hours for the chance to see him. >> there was one time in which he looked over me and made a sign and said i was good. i felt -- that was the best moment. to let him know he's not alone. right now he's number one. >> reporter: according to court documents, peterson was arrested and charged with three felonies because quote the defendant matched the description of a male seen at two additional incidents of arson fire within close proximity and time. the defendant was positively identified by a witness.
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a 22-year-old transient andrew gutierrez was also arrested he faces even more charges. but in this case police believe they have video actually showing him set that fire. police say the two men don't know each other and coworker jeff woman says he could not have started the fire because at the time they were both working at the rooster bar. >> we were working at roosters. >> reporter: he say if peterson was at the scene of those fires he was just walking home, insisting that they're in the rout to his home. >> i just want to feel he's okay. >> it feels like a nightmare. steven would never do this. ever, ever, ever. >> both men asked for a public defender and both will be back in court tomorrow. a member of president obama's cabinet was in san francisco to announce a $9
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million federal fund for transportation. the money would be used to buy about a dozen muni buses. >> one of the main -- who other wise would have been late to work or late to a job interview now has an opportunity to get there on time. >> reporter: the new buses will be longer than the standard muni buses. each about 60 feet long and will carry more passengers. there's no word yet when they will be in service. jerry brown has signed into law a statewide ban on plastic bags making california the first state in the country to do so. the ban takes effect next july at all grocery stores and pharmacies. it then expands to convenience and liquor stores in 2016. the law also allows stores to charge customers 10-cents for each plastic bag they use. san francisco state senator
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mark leno authored the bill, it requires labels to include information on which flame retardants are or are not present in furniture. health and environmental groups say flame retardants are toxic to the environment and human health. you can find out more about the bills the governor signed and vetoed. we put the information on the website. just look for web links. an act of vandalism cuts power to an entire bay area island. the possible motives and the measures they had to prevent it from happening again. >> the oakland raiders look no further than their own coaching staff for a new team leader. the coaching switch up and why team owners say they needed to make the move. >> fire danger on the increase around here. our temperatures are coming up. it's going to get warmer around here. fog is free from the coast. we're going to have that coming up. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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a young woman is in critical condition tonight and two teenagers are under arrest after the car they were in crashed allegedly as they were trying to get away from police. it happened last night near san pablo avenue. their car rolled over throwing one person from the car. police say that honda was stolen. the two other young women in the car were also treated for injuries. a search is under way tonight for a man suspected of stalking girls near three different schools in petaluma. 27-year-old carlos antonio cruz of san francisco bailed out of jail on sunday after being arrested on felony charges for allegedly trying to lure girls into his car. then yesterday a man tried to lure a girl into his car near mewak el elementary school in
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petaluma. police are trying to determine if cruz is connected to several other similar incidents. >> it's very scary, i don't understand it at all. it's very scaried. >> you always need to be aware of what's on around you. >> in each of the cases the girls refused to get in the car and the man drove off. a total of 12 cases have been reported since the beginning of the school year. independent engineers say a simple coat of paint and grease could help protect bolts in the new eastern span of the golden gate bridge. caltrans found about 1/3 of the bolts failed when they were tightened. in a final report today engineers said extensive tests on more than 2,500 bolts found they were strong and are safe. >> hundreds of rods that we were considering that we might need to remove based on a lack of information, now we can be very confident we don't need to
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do it. >> reporter: the engineers expressed concern though about another issue. the steel anchor rods of the base of the tower that had been exposed to water. testing of those rods is now on the way. an engineer says he believes the problem is keeping rainwater out of the tower. you can learn more about the on problems at the bridge on public utility officials tell us that someone used a hack saw to cut through dangerous electrical cables on treasure island last friday night. ktvu's david stevenson is here now and tells us it's not clear yet whether the suspect wanted to steal copper or possibly sabotage and event involving a
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high profile bay area talent. >> reporter: a ferris wheel erected for a wednesday night oracle world party stands in the southeast corner of san francisco's treasure island. it's powered by a generator brought in by the company. the aging electrical grid on the island is vulnerable to frequent outages caused by bird, branches, kites and eventually vandalism. >> people want to try to cut live wire. it's not much stopping them other than the locks that are on there. >> reporter: on friday evening, officials said someone used a hacksaw to cut 12,000 bolt wires in this electrical switch box a few yards from if site of the oracle event. >> there's a couple of idea, oracle world was going on on treasure island but they weren't even running off our power lines they had separate generators. the real reason is they may have been looking for cooper. >> what did you think when the power went out on friday night.
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>> not again. >> reporter: long time resident edwin garcia bought a reserved battery after suffering several outages. >> a big amount of tourists come into the island. >> reporter: equipment reduced outages. but-- >> over the last six weeks we've had three outages which is higher than the pace we had been keeping. >> reporter: authority officials say that the person who cut the lines are lucky to be alive. >> we were surprised we didn't find a dead body next to the switch. >> reporter: redevelopment of treasure island is set to begin next year with overhead electrical lines set to be replaced by under ground cables. reporting live on treasure island, david stevenson, ktvu news. and let's go to bill in the weather center with what we can
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expect. >> things heating up for sure with numbers getting into the 90s and upper 90s. fire danger comes up and fog goes away. there's no fog at the coast. there was this morning but they're gone. remember yesterday it was pretty cool. these numbers will be eclipsed by tomorrow's temperatures by a good five to 8 degrees. it's going to warm up pretty significantly. all the action is well to the north up around vancouver and north into the elusian island chain. that's where the inclement weather is. we're way down here away from it as high pressure pushes everything well inland. we are looking at temperatures 81 degrees up there toward the fairfield area. and fire danger always a concern this time of year. here we go as we head into the next 48 hours or so. fire danger becomes a big deal. tomorrow morning's forecast there's no fog along the coast right. so with no fog you know those coastal areas are going to warm up. temperatures inland are warming up as well. see the reds, those are 90s.
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low 90s tomorrow and by wednesday or by thursday and friday these reds are going to be filtering in pretty much all around the bay. keep an eye on that. air is going to be sinking. when air sinks, it dries. we're going to see some fairly significant winds. maybe 15, 25 miles per hour. as we head into wednesday night, thursday morning. right now it looks as though we're going to stay below warning criteria. we'll watch all that for you. right now there are no advisories for fire. but we know when temperatures go up like this. this time of year, and as i mentioned earlier, in the 5:00 hour, that you know this is, we haven't seen a drought like this in a recorded history in the bay area. and in northern california and in california. so any time you get a fire event which is typical for this time of year but then you stick on that drought, it's a big deal. so we'll pay close attention to
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it. i think that fire up there in the king fire up there in the foothills got lucked out. got rained out last week. i think that's a good indication of how quickly that thing picked up. the winds aren't crazy out of control but you have this drought so we definitely need to pay attention. >> thank you bill. the giants are in pittsburgh getting ready for their game against the pirates. plus the raiders introduce their new head coach to the media. mark is next with sports.
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u.s. postal service announce today it is reissuing the breast cancer stamp. it's also the first to generate funding for medical research. since it went on sale back in 1998 the stamp has raised some $90 million. >> every single penny goes toward breast cancer research. it's divided by the breast cancer research and the u.s.
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department of cancer research. >> 11-cents from each stamp goes to breast cancer research. back to the drawing board for the raiders and tonight they have a new interim head coach. >> it occurred to me guys, every tuesday during the regular season they have a regularly scheduled press conference. and about every two years the raiders have a regularly scheduled press conference to announce a new coach. seven coaches since 2001 and today another one. that is tony sparano on your right hand side along with general manager reggie mackenzie. sparano offers his take on the current play of the oakland raiders. >> i think the biggest problem right now is they forgot how to win. and you know you can fall into that trap, there's plenty of excuses out there right now. a lot of them. and as soon as we taste and we
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will taste what it feels like to win, that is how change happens. >> all right, and here are some of the things that need to change. 10 consecutive losses if -r the raiders they've been outscored by 336 points under dennis allen. only three wins against the team's in their own division. the afc west under allen. 68 games under .500 since they went to the super bowl in 2002. this is from earlier in the season. giants didn't fair well in pittsburgh. lost two out of three to the pirates at at&t. hunter pence says the slate is clean now. >> it's been a beautiful team. a group that's really stuck together. really battled and it's been a lot of fun playing. our foal is to -- our goal is to win the world series. we're here in the play offs and working on taking on the
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challenge. >> the a's trailing the royals 3-2. john lester on the mound for the a's need i say more. >> tonight at 10:00. a bay area pharmacist missing. the trail of clues that family members members are struggling to piece together. that's coming up at 10:00. >> thanks for joining us tonight. good night. >> good night. and the doctor saw a i weblemish on my cheek.ter, he told me it was skin cancer. i was in shock. i wasn't covered with any health insurance. but once i got covered through covered california, i was able to go get the surgery that i needed. and it was a lifesaver.
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